# Who am I ?

I am a Developer and Student currently living in Rivers, Nigeria. My interests range from programming to web development. I am also interested in technology, entrepreneurship, and movies.

I started my journey as a Front End Developer in February 2018 and since then I've been able to learn a lot and grow myself. I code for fun and build amazingly beautiful and simple things as a hobby. I Pay attention to best practices known to me and I'm always open to learn new things and take on challenging paths.

# What I do ?

## Front End Developement

Being a Front End Developer means I take responsibility for the design and feel of web pages, from a beautiful UI (User Interface) to awesome UX (User Experience), also making sure that websites easily adapt to any device.

With the use of latest technologies available and the most modern approach, I make my sites simple and intuitive, granting an ease of use and a wonderful / fun experience to regular users and one time visitors while maintaining compatibility and keeping performance at its best

# My Skillset ?

## Languages

With a smile on my face I can say I feel pretty comfortable (to an extent) working with the usual suspects whenever people mention Front End Development: HTML, CSS, Javascript.

## Frameworks

Frameworks makes development easier and simple, so with patience I have been able to learn a few to a certain level. It's safe to say I have experience working with:
* Bootstrap
* Bulma